"Live your life so that your children can tell their
children that you not only stood for something
wonderful-you acted on it."
Dan Zadra

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Gay Fathers and Husbands of NE Ohio

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Last updated on 31 July 2008

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Gay Fathers and Husbands of NE Ohio
Gay Fathers and Husbands of NE Ohio
You are not alone...we understand.

If you’re a gay or bi-sexual man who has been in relationships with women – you’re not alone. Gay Fathers and Husbands understands … and maybe we can help each other.

The Gay Fathers and Husbands group is an informal association of gay and bi-sexual men who may have in common current or past marriages or partnered relationships with women. Some individuals may have natural or adopted children from these relationships. Members of the Gay Fathers and Husbands group meet monthly to discuss issues and needs held in common, and to offer support to one another by sharing experiences, encouragement, and hope. Friends and supporters are normally welcome at the meetings, and guests may be invited to address special topics. The group determines the purpose and direction of meetings. Attendance will range from as few as 8 to as many as 30 or more. Meetings are casual – no dues. GFAH has been meeting in the Akron Area since 1990.

Our group attempts to:
  • Provide a support and communications network for gay fathers;
  • Encourage cooperative action in promoting the common interests of gay fathers and their families;
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction between gay fathers, their children, and friends;
  • Promote and sponsor activities that present a positive image of gay fathers and to encourage acceptance of alternative parenting.

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Social Hall of the Church of Our Saviour, 471 Crosby Street in Akron, Ohio – located near Highland Square a few blocks south of Market Street (Rt. 18). Click here for map.  There is no meeting in August. In July and December, we may meet at the home of a participant or another location so we can enjoy an outside summer meeting or a Holiday celebration. (Call or email us for July/December information -- Click on the Contact button.)  Meetings begin at 7 pm with a potluck dinner. You can bring a dish to share, but it’s OK if you don’t, we always have plenty to go around. The discussion begins at 7:45 pm and lasts until 9. You can participate if you wish or just listen to what others have to say.

 Participants come from all over NE Ohio and Western PA. Members represent all ages, jobs, backgrounds and stages of life -- including young men with newborns to older men with grandchildren ... and some participants have no children. Some men are married or separated or divorced.  GFAH is not a dating club or a religious group.  Being "out" is not a requirement for participating at meetings, and all members agree to respect the privacy of individuals who attend the meetings.

If you would like more information, desire to be added to our email list, or if you know of a local organization or event relating to gay fathers that we should include on our home page, email us at info@gfah.org You can also contact us by phone. Just call Jim at 330-867-7036 or Tom at 330-631-5125